Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Mechanical Ventilation

What are the goals?

  • Deliver predictable fresh air to the living space
  • Predictable exhaust stale air and contminates from the living space

What are contaminates?

  • VOCs and other pollutants associated iwth new construction
  • Water vapor
    • Building materials
    • General household use
    • Building assembly failure
    • Poor or poorly used local ventilation
  • Dust mites, pet and pest dander, pollen
  • CO, CO2, and O3
  • Stored household chemicals
  • Geologic pollutants
    • Radon
    • Lead
    • PCBs

What are some of the benefits of healthy IAQ?

  • Respitory health
    • Quality of life
    • Lower health care costs
    • Less lost time at work due to repitory illness
  • CO2 balance
    • Studies in commercial settings
    • Cognitive scores are 62-100% higher in spaces with healthy IAQ than concentional spaces
  • Environment that promotes healthy sleeping habits

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